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Actual Human Beings is a Dayton Ohio based SuperPAC founded to broadly support improvements in: Healthcare, Education, Environmental Stewardship, Human Rights & Decency.


Started by actual people, yes people, with the goal of encouraging like-minded others to exercise their right to vote.  


From the tide of right wing extremism over the last three years, to the rhetoric emanating from 2020 primary campaigns and the direction of the Democratic party debates, we are stricken by the apparent rush by the current President and candidates to out extreme each other.  The vast majority of our country lives, works, and thinks somewhere in the middle.  Modicrats and Centricans, if you will.  

More Americans identify as Independent than identify as either major party.


It is clear the most controversial stance one can take is to be pragmatic, incremental or dare we say even considerate.  


In our view: RATIONAL is the new RADICAL.

Prescription Drugs



It seems to us that our country should possess the ability to devise a system wherein: competitively employed, contributing citizens don’t have to drain five or more years of 401(k) savings to cover their health insurance deductible due to a single healthcare “event”. 

A fully private sector solution exposes too many of our citizens to unaffordable risk and reduced access to care at the hands of the profit motive. A fully government controlled approach destroys an entire industry (employing an estimated $2+million people) and the innovative creativity that goes with it.  

Pragmatism anyone? 


Rational is the new Radical.

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass


Tens of billions of tons of Greenland’s ice sheet melting EVERY DAY.  Temperatures over 100 degrees in ENGLAND! Marine animals washing up on our beaches due to warming water temperatures and the havoc induced in their eco systems.  Massive coastal algae blooms from agricultural chemistry runoff and deforestation.  

These are just easily accessible news items from ONE summer week.

This administration has loosened pollution discharge limits for coal mines and repealed the protections put in place to prevent another BP-type Gulf disaster. Our own government’s studies are being quashed.  Scientists are being railroaded out of their positions in DC.  The list is long and breathtaking.  Literally.  

We simply do not understand. 

Regardless of party affiliation; we all breathe the same air. Our children drink the same water. How can this not matter?

Settled or unsettled science?  It’s reality. Today.  NOW !!

We can worry about how to sustain life on Mars later.  Let’s worry about the next Flint, MI now.


Rational is the new Radical.

Painted Heart


There is no doubt we must have laws at our borders.  We are a sovereign nation.  We don’t believe we should provide free healthcare to those that break the laws of entry when it is not provided to those that live and work as contributing citizens of the country.

However, we also cannot put human beings in cages or conditions of squalor. We cannot separate children from their parents.  We must provide the resources to hear the cases of those seeking U.S. asylum within their own country.  

We can reach a plan to incrementally accept those already here and move forward with a sound and enforceable strategy.  We are capable.


We must lead internationally.  We must engage.  We must influence. 

It is our responsibility as the most powerfully free society on the planet.  We cannot take our ball and go home.

The current course leads to American irrelevance and makes greater peace all but impossible.


We can’t even believe we have to say these things out loud.  


In our home town of Dayton, OH we have now experienced the mass murder of innocent people by the combination of a semi-automatic weapon and an obviously irrational person.   We’ve read it’s the 251st mass shooting (four or more victims) in the first 7 months of 2019.  

It is argued that “soft targets” (i.e. public spaces, schools, or any other place where free people in a liberated society may gather) should be fortified.  The Dayton police arrived and neutralized (killed) the shooter in somewhere around one minute.  Unbelievable work and commitment on their part.

Our community is grateful.

However, at least nine people were killed and twenty-six injured in that time.  

How much more fortified could you get?

Just maybe it IS the weapon. 


Rational is the new Radical.

Multi-ethnic Class


Education breaks poverty. Education creates more than just hope but fosters action. Education improves health and is directly relatable to the cost of care.  Education improves understanding and empathy…cooperation…success…PEACE.  Education is everything.

According to a recent study published in the Economist measuring worldwide education systems and how they gear toward future preparedness, the US ranks 18th.  Our President mocks and jeers at “the total mess of a country” (Mexico) to our south. Mexico ranks 19th. 

Canada?  5th.  

The US budget for education in 2015 was $ 70 billion at 6.2% of total discretionary. President Trump’s 2019 budget cuts real spending on education by nearly $15 billion and is now 4.5% of discretionary spending. That is on top of doubling (yep) our overall budget deficit from that same year to over One Trillion Dollars.  

Make our future the priority or we repeat the horrors of the past.


Rational is the new Radical.

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